Love session on the Parisienne Walkways / Paris


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Parisienne walkways

Nikita & Ksenia (Russian lovers) / Paris FRANCE

Leur réaction : We looked at your photos last night. I don’t even know how to describe in words how happy we are. Now I don’t even know how I can be photographed in Russia. There are many standard photographs in our country.

Your photographs are different from those that we received from other photographers. I like your style, I was right in choosing you. Last night we reviewed the photographs many many times. They are very light, natural and unusual. When my mother saw them this morning, she said that it looks like a Hollywood movie and I agree with her. Many photos really look like frames from a movie.

Everything turned out, thanks for being so easy with you, we are very pleased. Such a large number of photos looks so fast that you want more. We are already thinking what photos we will print. In general, we are thinking of making a collage. There are too many photos that we want to hold in our hands. Do not drop and do not change your style, it suits you, this you are different from others.

Be always so creative